September 17, 2014

A Lucky Find!

Today I installed a Java application, and found that the font was not rendering properly. It did not seem to render to the subpixel properly, so I went to check that my _JAVA_OPTIONS environmental variable was still in place.

Finding it looked good, I then theorized that perchance there is a difference in how OpenJDK and Oracle’s JDK treated the options, I decided to install OpenJDK to have a look. Upon validating which Java was called in my path I did the usual:

$ which java

$ file /usr/bin/java
/usr/bin/java: symbolic link to '/etc/alternatives/java'

Alternatives?… Neat!

Turns out Fedora had an alternatives system in place. I never knew! Guess it is back to the manuals for me, there might be prizes!

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