September 8, 2014

A trip through time, OS installation discs.

I have finally mustered enough courage to start cleaning out old boxes, whether it is enough to finish the task will be for the future to show. So far I have found a trove of treasures, including my collection of OS installation discs. On cd-r!

Here we go, in chronological order!

Distribution Version Release
Debian 2.2Aug. 2000
Knoppix 3.3Sep. 2003
Slackware 9.1Sep. 2003
Fedora 1.0Nov. 2003
Gentoo 2004.1Jan. 2004
Crux 2.0Mar. 2004
Slackware 10.0Jun. 2004
Ubuntu 4.10Aug. 2000
Suse 9.2Aug. 2000
Ubuntu 5.04Apr. 2005
Debian 3.1Jun. 2005
Ubuntu 5.10Oct. 2005
Simple Mepis 3.4-3Feb. 2006
Ubuntu Server 10.04 LTSApr. 2010

Version NT Release
Windows 2000 Pro 5.0Feb. 2000
Windows XP Pro 5.1Oct. 2001
Windows 2003 Sever (Evaluation) 5.2Apr. 2003
Windows 2008 Server rc.2 6.0Feb. 2008
Windows 7 Pro 6.1Oct. 2009

Distribution Version Release
FreeBSD 7.1Jan. 2009
FreeBSD 9.0Jan. 2012
FreeBSD 10.0Jan. 2014

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